Pathways Programme

Laying the foundations for a pathway to recovery One step at a time…

At Lindale Recovery, we take on a person centred approach and that means we’re able to recognise and understand that each individual will have their own unique journey to recovery.

Our Pathway to Recovery service works with individuals who are not quite ready to begin their recovery on a structured day programme. Instead, we provide support and guidance to be able to take that step forward in recovery.

Residents may still be in active addiction when living with us. However, residents will be in a positive, safe environment where they will feel empowered being surrounded by others in recovery and where independent living is promoted.

Support and Guidance

Residents will complete an initial assessment and risk assessment, and a support plan will be put in place so their individual journey to recovery can begin.

Pathways promote positive progressions. Our team will help each resident on  their pathway and will be given access to education opportunities, guidance on employability, CV workshops and help with integration.

Residents will have access to various institutions, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Outreach services, Hep C Trust, Women’s Aid, and many more.

A Home from Home

Residents will live within one of our homes, which are a safe and secure environment. Residents are given a key to the front door and their bedroom to promote independence. It is down to each individual to look after their personal space and property.

For more information:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07376 721530

The plan will oversee and include:

•    Weekly one to one advice and guidance sessions
•    Access to daily phone contact
•    Physical, mental and emotional health
•    Positive progressions, such as rehabilitation
•    Relapse prevention
•    Conflict resolution and prevention plans
•    Promotion of independent living
•    Communication support
•    Housing support
•    Help and support groups - 12 step recovery
•    Relationships and co-dependency
•    Health and exercise
•    Help with GP registration, community mental health support, and referred to community mental health team.
•    Setting achievable goals:  short term and long term.
•    Personal development work sheets

"My mantra is that we don’t let our past dictate our futures. I believe hard work and perseverance will always deliver us to a place where we are able to embrace life in all its glory"

Patrick Fahy

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals have shared experiences in both active addiction and abstinent based recovery.

We have both insight and wisdom and understand the struggles and difficulties our residents face. We are there to support and guide them through the process.

Patrick Fahy
Service Manager
James Timmis
Assistant Manager
Lead Group Facilitator
Karen Grove
Specialist Support Worker

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