The journey at Lindale Recovery begins with our extensive 12 week group programme‘Steps to success’. We use group therapy sessions to create a profound and intensely moving experience, creating a space for significant growth and change for our residents. We work within a therapeutic framework to help empower our clients to find an abstinent, sustainable and joyful recovery.

We believe the first 12 weeks of recovery set a solid foundation for a future free of addiction. We draw upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, 12 Step fellowship principles and proven Addiction focussed Group therapy activities to deliver a series of programmes aimed at encouraging self-actualisation. The groups we run vary across a multitude of topics including co-dependency, self-Esteem, mindfulness and building healthy connections. We use music, spoken word and other complimentary therapies to help our clients have a truly life changing experience.
Once each resident has completed the 12-week programme we celebrate the journey in our Graduation Ceremonies and plan the next steps. We run a series of peer led groups that enable those further on to stay connected to the groups, while providing support and experience to the new residents. We then liaise directly with a local college who attend our groups to discuss the host of free courses our residents can attend to continue building their new life free of addiction.


"My mantra is that we don’t let our past dictate our futures. I believe hard work and perseverance will always deliver us to a place where we are able to embrace life in all its glory"

Patrick Fahy

What we do


Lindale Recovery Service rehabilitation programme comprises of two stages. The first stage lasts duration of 6 weeks, and the second stage of rehabilitation encompasses a further 6 weeks, which include group activities, such…

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Our communal living at Lindale Recovery Service helps to cultivate a sense of self-efficacy, responsibility and self-care for our residents.
All of our homes offer a high standard of living, including lockable bedrooms,…

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Although our service is abstinence based, we accept residents who are prescribed Opioid substitute medication. Our team will fully support them through a reduction plan so they can eventually achieve abstinence.

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Back To Work

Lindale Recovery Service prides itself in helping our residents to further their independence with employment and education. 

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