I will never forget that day in March 2015 when Caitlin was sitting with me on the bed and she started crying, I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had been using class A drugs,  heroin and crack cocaine. I could not believe what I was hearing, I felt physically sick. When I got over the initial shock all I wanted to do was to help her in any way that I could.

I knew Caitlin had issues with prescription meds and used to change GP surgeries so that she could get more but never would I have thought that she would have turned to heroin or crack!

I attended the GP surgery with her when she told the doctor she needed help and immediately they prescribed her Methadone and provided her with support from an in house drug worker. The drug use continued there were many tears and tantrums. I knew this was not what Caitlin wanted but I also knew that she couldn’t help her behaviour.

Through the years I know I enabled her. There was always the constant nagging for money. Items were stolen and sold on for drugs.  Dealers would come to my house and pick up my stuff that she would give them in return for drugs.

In 2018 Caitlin said she would like to leave the country and felt this would help her get away from the miserable life she was living. She went to Lanzarote and got a job. For a while things were ok but then she found where she could get hold of crack and things went downhill from there. I was wrongly or rightly constantly sending her money.  I couldn’t see her starve although deep down I knew that she was probably spending the money I sent her on drugs.  She would call me from various people’s phones in states of distress asking for help in the form of money.

After about 6 months I got a message from a man who ran a hostel over there, who’s phone she had used prior. He messaged to say that he knew I was her mother and that she needs help and needs to be taken away from where she is as she is in great danger.  I fell to pieces and didn’t know what to do.  I am normally a strong person but I couldn’t function. I called my sister and she arranged for Caitlin’s dad and his sister to fly out and bring her home.  For the first time in my life I took one month off work and I was prescribed anti-depressants.

Caitlin came home and continued to use drugs.  Throughout her addiction she attended several rehab facilities but she would continue to use when she came out.

Fast forward to May 2021.  Caitlin had been speaking to a friend who spoke about Lindale and Caitlin said that she would call them.  She did and she moved in on 12th May 2021.

What can I say? I believe that Lindale has saved Caitlin’s life. I have my thoughtful, kind and loving daughter back and I cannot thank Lindale enough for the support and opportunities that she has been given.

Lindale has been a literal life saver and I thank you all from the bottom of
my heart, service users included, for the support you have given to Caitlin.

"My mantra is that we don’t let our past dictate our futures. I believe hard work and perseverance will always deliver us to a place where we are able to embrace life in all its glory"

Patrick Fahy

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